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Blood DNA Mini Kit Plus (Safety Line)

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- Extraction of DNA up to 60 kbp
- Suitable for human or animal blood
- Suitable for the simultaneous
processing of multiple samples
- No need for time-consuming
alcohol precipitations
- Complete enzymatic degradation
of cellular RNA
- Efficient separation of enzyme
inhibitors and contaminants
- Final elution of DNA in low
salt buffer or water
Samples are lysed under denaturing
conditions with a specific buffer and
loaded onto the column. The DNA
selectively and reversibly binds to the
silica matrix. Cellular debris, enzyme inhibitors
like hemoglobin and other contaminants
can easily and efficiently be
removed by washing the DNA bound to
the column.
Pure DNA can finally be eluted with
low salt buffer or water and is ready to
use for downstream applications.


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