Carolina Biosystems provides highly professional repairing and servicing of DNA-, RNA- Peptide synthesizers and DNA sequencers of Applied Biosystems (ABI, a former division of Applera corporation, previously Perkin Elmer corporation (PE), Foster City, California, USA, now Invitrogen & Applied Biosystems). Our technicians provide responsive, cost effective service helping our clients with any issue or repair.

What do we offer?

  • Service of sequencers ABI 310, 3100, 3130, 3730
  • Urgent repairs (laser changes, autosampler repairs, polymer pumps etc.)
  • Preventive maintenance and inspections for clinical laboratories accredited according to ISO 15089
  • Installation and reinstallation of sequencers - moving
  • Verification of the correct functioning sequencers
  • User training and mentoring
  • Free consultations regarding the operation and analysis results
  • We provide long-term service contracts according to the specific needs of the workplace
  • We use original spare parts or, if possible, carry out their repairs

Capillary Array Regeneration For DNA Sequencers

As one of the largest genomics centres in the Czech Republic we are using the instrumentation that matches the latest trends in genome research including multicapillary DNA sequencers. In order to increase operational efficiency of our laboratory, we developed a technology for capillary array re-use - capillary regeneration.

What is the capillary regeneration?

The regeneration represents cleaning, activation and regeneration of the surface and functionality testing.

What capillaries can be revitalized?

We can regenerate the arrays nearly for all types ABI DNA sequencers. Capillaries may not be mechanically damaged (broken, cracked, etc.) or permanently blocked.

How long it takes the regeneration?

Regenerated capillary arrays are sent back usually within 30 days from delivery to our laboratory.

What is the regenerated capillaries lifetime?

The lifetime is comparable to that of new capillaries.

How to order?

Revitalization of capillaries can be ordered via the order form provided here, e-mail address, fax numer 00420 226 203 542, or call the phone numer +420 226 203 530.

Each order will be confirmed and you can send your capillaries to our laboratory. Capillaries can be sent by mail as a normal shipment. We recommend this item to indicate a warning about the fragile contents.

How many times the capillaries can be regenerated?

It depends on the overall situation, particularly the mechanical degradation. According to our experience it is possible to make on average 3 regenerations.

Can be the regenerated capillaries claimed?

Yes, each complaint will be dealt with individually by the particular situation.

What is the price?

The 4-capillary array regeneration (sequencer type ABI 3130/3100-Avant ABI ™) 200,- EUR

The 16- capillary array regeneration (sequencer type ABI 3130xl/3100) 252,- EUR

The 96-capillary array regeneration – upon a request

The regeneration of a single capillary is not effective, so we offer the new single capillaries at these prices:

Single capillary for DNA sequencer ABI310 - 47 cm 29,- EUR

Single capillary for DNA sequencer ABI310 - 61 cm 40,- EUR


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