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Double Peak DNA Size Standard

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800 analyses (400ul)

MCLAB's DNA Size Standard series products are internal lane standards that are intended to be used in assigning sizes to DNA fragments on fluorescence-detecting instruments. Common applications include genotyping and DNA Fragment Analysis. Each of these standards consists of 16 DNA fragments, ranging in 35,50, 75, 100, 139, 150, 160, 200, 250, 300, 340, 350, 400, 450, 490 and 500 bp. Each band is single-stranded and fluorescence-labeled either with carboxy-x-rhodamine (Rox dye) or MCLAB's proprietary fifth orange dye. Size fragments are evenly distributed and can be used for very accurate size calling.

Red DNA Size Standard: Designed for both fragment analysis and DNA sequencing applications. It has been adapted on DNA fragment analysis software, e.g. GeneMapperTM (ABI) and GeneScanTM (ABI) by using the same parameters as ABI's GeneScanTM 500 ROXTM Size Standard.

Orange DNA Size Standard: (The relative size of MCLAB's Orange Size Standard is slightly different with ABI's Liz-500) Designed for both fragment analysis and DNA sequencing applications. 16 DNA fragments ranging in 35,51.11, 75.71, 100.73, 139.81, 149.80, 160.75, 200.81, 250.78, 300.79, 340.78, 350.78, 400.80, 450.78, 490.82 and 500.90 bp.

Double Peak DNA Size Standard: It used for fragment analysis. Similar to Red/Orange DNA Size Standard, except every fragment is accompanied by an one-base-plus band. For example, 50 becomes 50 and 51, 75 become 75 and 76, etc. This single base separation is very useful for monitoring the performance of the installed capillary arrays.

Product Formats:
(1) Normal (DSMR-100, DSMO-100, DSMD-100)
(2) Premixed in Super-DITM Formamide (DSMR-101, DSMO-101, DSMD-101)

Recommended Loading:
(1) Normal: 0.5µl per well
(2) Premixed in Super-DITM Formamide: 15µl per well
The premixed size standard products are ready-to-use and can be aliquoted into the plate well directly.

Recommended Storage Conditions: 
Stable at 4°C or -20°C for 6 months
Avoid repeatedly freeze-thawing



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