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Genomic Maxi AX

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Genomic DNA purification from blood, bacteria culture, cell culture or tissue

Versatile, increased efficiency kit for genomic DNA purification from various sources. Sample size: up to 5 ml of fresh or frozen blood, up to 2 x 10¹⁰ of bacteria culture, up to 5 x 10⁷ of cell culture, up to 300 mg of solid tissue.





 10 isolations                                                            


 ion exchange membrane

 Binding capacity

 500 µg DNA 



 Sample volume  

 bacteria 2x1010, cell culture 5x107, tissue 500 mg, blood 5 ml

 Elution buffer / volume 

 high salt buffer / precipitation


 cloning, PCR, sequencing




For more information about the unique ion exchange membrane please click here


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