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EX Terminator Purification Kit

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The EX Terminator™  Purification Kit is intended for removal of unincorporated dye terminators and other inpurities.

    • No liquid transfer – all in plate proces
    • Complete inpurities removal
    • Fast, easy and reproducible protocol
    • Manual or automated protocol
    • Compatible with BD Xterminator run modules
  • Unbeatable price
The EX Terminator™  Purification Kit is a rapid, simple and reliable purification method for DNA sequencing reactions that removes unincorporated dye terminators and other inpurities like salt ions or dNTPs that may interfere with base

Sequencing process and electrokinetic sample injection. Purification is complete in under 40 minutes and requires less than 10 minutes of labor. More reliable comparing to ethanol precipitation, and cheaper than column purification and other commercial kits using the same principle. The kit is compatible with all terminator sequencing chemistries, reaction volumes, and template types.

The EX Terminator™ Purification Kit requires the use of only two reagents, which can be added sequentially or premixed:

- EX Terminator™ Solution—Binds unincorporated dye terminators and free salts from the post-sequencing reaction

- S Solution—Enhances the performance of the EX Terminator™ Solution and stabilizes the post purification reactions.


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